(Bernard C, Singapore, Jul 2018)

One of our clients, Bernard, is from Singapore. He has been suffering from glaucoma for years and has lost most of eyesight. His right eye is completely blind and his left eye is only left with 6 percent of vision. He has been relying on various methods to get his eye pressure under control. However, none was proven effective until he started drinking the hydrogen water. Hence, he is willing to share about his experiences openly in hope that others can be benefitted from the hydrogen water as well.

“In short, the hydrogen water has benefitted me in various ways such as making me more active, boosting my immunity, and most importantly maintaining my eye pressures at the good level.”

Could you share with us why did you start routinely drink hydrogen water?

This product was introduced by my sister after glaucoma and retina detachment and tear. I lost my sight. I believe in her as she herself has been using it and hence I started drinking the hydrogen water.

What was your eye pressure and how much it helped?

My eye pressure is very high – on average people have it about 20, but in my case, it can shoot up to about 80 and even to 90. I have gone through various operations to reduce the eye pressure. Eventually the operations were not successful and in fact it made my right eye to be blind, while my left eye can only see 6 percent of my vision. Ever since I drank the Hydrogenere hydrogen water which to me is for maintenance purposes, I could see the differences. Right now, on my left eye, I could have slight light reception, and I could see the colour blue and orange. On a good day, it reflects nicely.

What did you feel when you first drink the hydrogen water?

When I drank the hydrogen water from the bottle the first time, I had to go to the toilet very often. I did not find anything unusual as it only made me urinating frequently. But I find it is good as it feels like it is cleansing my body. So that is the only setback that I faced when drinking the hydrogen water.

Do you drink everyday?

I drink hydrogen water everyday and most of the time. So what I do is the first thing in the morning, I will make myself a bottle or a cup before I start my day. And throughout the day I will drink as well and I drink about 8 to 9 cups of hydrogen water a day with one charging.

Actually after the water has been ionized, I usually pour some to the cup for drinking, and the balance, I use it on my eyes as eye drops as well as to wipe my face. I have been trying this method for the past 2 weeks and I could only see slight difference only. I am yet to experiment more on this and see how it goes at a longer run.

Have you ever been able to see some colours when drinking normal water?

I could not see colour at all when drinking normal water. The first time I drank hydrogen water then I can see the colour blue and green or even pink on good days. When I say good days, I am referring to days when I can see better, and on bad days, it is total black for both eyes. But most of the time, on good days I could see these 3 colours and hence I am quite happy with it. And I do get more good days after drinking the hydrogen water.

I also feel more energized after drinking the hydrogen water. It keeps me going throughout the day. For me, as much as possible, I don’t drink directly from the bottle for hygiene purposes. I do encourage people to do the same.

Do you still consume any medications from the doctor?

The only medication that I am using is the eye drops from the doctor to control my eye pressure, and it contains medication in it. I have not shared this with my doctor as he is pretty westernized and may not be open to other ways like this. But every three months when I go for medical check-up, I do see a slight drop on the eye pressure level which is a big improvement. For example, the last time I went for my medical check-up was in April, it was about 23 on my left eye and it has been maintaining the same as compared to January this year. I am quite happy with it. For my right eye, there is nothing much can be done.

Before I drink the hydrogen water and solely relying on the medication, my eye pressure was still unstable. But since I drink the hydrogen water, then my eye pressure have been maintaining at 20.

Do you think it is hard to keep up with drinking the hydrogen water?

No, I make a point to always drink a cup in the morning before going to work. It has incorporated into my daily routine. For instance, the first thing that I do is to start to ionize the water, and I will do something else first for 3 minutes. And by the time I am back to the the bottle, it is already ready for drinking.

And I notice after drinking the hydrogen water and I do not feel very tired at work even though my work requires me to stand at long hours. I do not get the usual body aches or leg muscle aches. I feel that I am more active as compared to my other colleagues. I stand about 8 hours a day and a lot of walking involved. Besides I am holding on to 2 jobs which makes it even more strenuous. Hence, whenever I have the opportunity, I will drink the hydrogen water.

Different body is different. To you what do you avoid when drinking the hydrogen water?

The only thing is that I do not drink at night. After work, I do not drink it as I am afraid that I would be very active and need to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. I took it once at night before when I first trying the product, and I could not sleep as I was full of energy.

Does the hydrogen water helps you in any other routine besides maintaining the eye pressures?

I feel that after drinking 2 cups of hydrogen water in the morning, throughout the day I do not feel very tried. For example, after coming back late from work at night, the next day when I join a running group called Running Hour that runs in the morning, I do not feel tired if I drink the hydrogen water. I do see the differences. I find that the water also boosts my immune systems.



(Uni, Purworkerto, Indonesia, Oct 2017)

Uni has been suffering from various diseases for years – from hyperthyroid, cancer and abnormal blood viscosity. She got to know the hydrogen water from her friend and tried to drink it for a few times. She shared that she felt much better after just a few tries. She hopes that her sharing could help others to determine whether hydrogen water would be one of the solutions to their health problems.

“I really feel that the hydrogen water makes my blood flows normally. Perhaps it is just my feeling but I do feel the differences.”

Did drinking the hydrogen water help you in treating your symptoms?

Yes, it does. Normally I will consume the anticoagulants to regulate my body. I have tried not to drink the anticoagulants for a few days now and I feel alright. Generally, if I do not drink it for 1-2 days, I would start feeling dizzy or a headache.

Could you share with us on your current condition?

I have severe problem with my blood viscosity. Besides, I suffered from breast cancer before, and my tumour was removed. But the tumour grew back again now. Before I suffered from cancer, I also suffered from hyperthyroid. These diseases are all interrelated. If my blood viscosity is very high, my heartbeat becomes very fast and I will have the difficulty of breathing and my body will become numb. It got so bad that my right hand once could not be moved for 10 days. The doctor thought that I had a stroke. But after checking at the hospital, then I found that my blood viscosity is really problematic.

So when I first tried drinking the hydrogen water, I feel that the top of my head became warm. I only drink about a glass. Normally I always feel that my head is empty. After trying drinking for about 3 weeks, I feel that the warmth moves down all the way to my back.

So I feel that drinking the water gives a warmth to my body.

Are you still consuming your medicines?

It has been 3 days that I have not taken my medicine and luckily I feel alright. I had tried also stopped drinking for about a week the hydrogen water, and I am alright.

Were there any reactions that you experienced when drinking the hydrogen water for the first time?

The first time I drank, I went to the toilet for about 2 to 3 times a day for a few days – until I only excreted fluid. My stools were small and black. It just feels like stomach cleansing in the hospital which I had experienced before giving birth. But now I no longer had this problem.